We back insurance entrepreneurs around the world

Far more than money, we put our head and heart into every partnership.

For the win-win

You get a safety net and a ladder.
Plus a sounding board, cheerleader and ally.
Nobody wants to see you succeed
more than we do.

For the long term

Correlation has something rare in capital, patience. Through good and bad, we take a long-term approach, backing you every step of the way.

For the thrill of it

As like-minded entrepreneurs, we all enjoy what we do together and have a lot of fun along the way. No ego, no BS, and no regrets.

Go further, faster







You can see the potential, yet it remains just that.

By being more invested, Correlation backs you in every way, from equity to exit.

Together we co-create,

taking good to great.

You won’t realise that potential, you’ll go beyond it.


Correlation are a true partner to FreightInsure. They support us to achieve our moonshot dreams, and stand by us when our road takes unexpected turns. Expert, commercial, and responsive, the Correlation team have invested their heart and soul into our business and deserve their share in our success to date.

Simon Schwarz
CEO and Co-Founder of FreightInsure
Simon Schwarz

Highly skilled and nimble team with a proven track record to help insurance businesses grow and create value.

Willie Leong
Enthusiast Managing Director
Willie Leong

Our business got so much more than money. We got a team of incredibly talented and hands-on individuals who go above and beyond to achieve the success of the business. One of the greatest strengths of the Correlation team is that they keep pushing my own thinking and horizons to strive for more and yet to stay focused.

Tetiana George
CEO and Founder of Curium
Tetiana George

The rollercoaster of scaling a business means you need someone there in the good and hard times. Correlation has not only backed us when things are going well, but they have also been a steady and guiding hand when things haven’t gone according to plan. You really do get a safety net and a ladder.

Graeme Nieman
CEO of AutoProtect Group
Graeme Nieman

To have a partner you can trust to have your own best interest in mind is rare. Coupled with deep market and product expertise and knowledge, there really is no one else like Correlation.

Kyle Tyrrell
CFO of Granite
Kyle Tyrrell

Correlation feels like an integral part of our team. Their guidance and encouragement are delivered with utmost respect, and they genuinely embody the values they promote. It’s refreshing to experience a business partnership that thrives on trust and a simple handshake over coffee.

Johan Van Staden
COO of Biscuit
Johan Van Staden

See what’s possible